Work Experience for Students

Work experience is a short term placement within a business or organisation that you do as part of school, TAFE or university studies. At Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College, students are required to undertake one week of work experience placement.

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2020 Work Experience Dates

  • Monday 23 March to Friday 27 March
  • Alternative dates by arrangement with Learning Leader only

Information for Students

To make sure this process is as simple as possible, it is important that you follow all of the following steps.

Find an employer who is willing to host you

You’ve gained a wealth of skills in your Year 9 Program through your Careers Unit to help you discover what you might like to do in the future – this is your chance to see your area of interest in action!

There are a few ways you can find an employer for work experience:

  • Face-to-face: go and visit the employers in person, bringing along your resume and your confidence! Let them know you’re interested in their industry and explain what you’d like to achieve on placement.
  • Phone call: getting on the phone and speaking can be daunting, but if you jot down the main points you’d like to get across you can explain to the employer over the phone what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Online: there are heaps of ways to find work experience online. Some businesses advertise work experience programs on their website – follow those steps to secure a spot. Some businesses may not advertise a work experience program, but they certainly might take on a student – so give them a call or contact them through their website.
  • Google Maps: if you’re a bit stuck on where you’d like to work, many students have found Google Maps (or the mapping company of your choice) a great way to discover businesses around them! They can then get the contact details from the listing and then get in touch!

You’ve found an employer, now get your paperwork in order!

Once you’ve secured a placement, there are some very important pieces of paperwork to get in order. You must complete the following:

Add your employer to the database

To make it easier to keep track of your application, you will need to ensure that you enter your details and the employer details into our database. You will need the following information:

  • Your Name and contact details
  • Parent/Guardian and contact details
  • Name of the business
  • Name of the manager/business contact, including any supervisors
  • Contact details, including address, phone and email
  • The days the you will be working with them
  • The start and end times of your duties
  • A brief summary of the activities that are planned for you

Work Experience Arrangement Form

The Work Experience Arrangement Form is the contract used to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and the relevant insurance is covering students and the employers.

This form needs to be completed using a black or blue pen, and writing must be clear and easy to read. All sections must be completed, including email address, start and end times, as well as activities the student is undertaking. If information doesn’t fit on the form, the additional information can be attached to the form.

This form must first be signed by:

  • The employer
  • The student
  • The parent/guardian

It must then be submitted to the College by Week 2 of Term 1 (2020) to be reviewed and approved by the Work Experience Coordinator and Principal.

Work Experience Arrangement Forms will not be signed by the Principal until the above three signatures are collected.

Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form

If you will need to travel in your employers vehicle at any stage, or you need to stay overnight at accommodation that is not ordinarily your usual place, you will need to ensure that the Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form is completed.

Working with animals?

If you are completing a placement that involves working with animals, you must complete an additional form. This information is outlined in the Guidelines for Working With Animals fact sheet.

I’m not 15 years old when work experience starts

If you will not be 15 years old during work experience week, you will need to undertake work experience at an alternative date. Please get in touch with the Work Experience Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss.

Due Dates

You must enter your details into the database by Week 2, Term 1 2020.

You must submit your Work Experience Arrangement Form by Week 2, Term 1 2020.

All Safe@Work Modules are to be submitted to the Canvas Assignment Portal by Week 5, Term 1 2020. This portal will be made available to you at the start of Term 1, 2020.

If you are not able to meet these due dates, it is important to speak with the Work Experience Coordinator immediately.

Safe@Work Certificates

You must submit both the General Module Certificate and the Industry Specific Module Certificate before completing your placement.

When you have read through the General Module and Industry Specific Module information you can take the Assessment here for both modules. Simply select the module you wish to take the assessment for.

You cannot undertake work experience without completing the Safe@Work Program.