For your course application to be considered, you must pay the course application processing fee.

How much?

There are different fees for timely, late and very late course applications, so the amount you pay depends on when you apply.

For the most up-to-date list of costs, please check here.

How to pay

You will be asked to pay online at the end of your course application. You can choose to pay immediately or later through your VTAC user account.

You can choose to pay via your PayPal account, or by Visa or MasterCard.

When to pay

VTAC recommends that you pay early. If you don’t pay by the final payment date, your course application will not be forwarded to institutions. See final payment dates.

No online receipt?

A copy of your receipt will be sent to the email address you provided to VTAC and will also be available via your VTAC user account.

Check your payment status

To ensure your processing fees have been received by VTAC, you can check your payment status in your VTAC user account.


VTAC does not issue refunds on course application processing fees (except as required by law). You remain liable for the course application processing fee even if you withdraw your course application because all applications are processed immediately when received.