Think you want to go to University, but that’s as much as you know? Great! This section of the site will help you discover universities in Victoria, around Australia and popular universities overseas.

University Applications 2022

The Careers Department supports students one-to-one to complete all aspects of the application, change of preference, offers, scholarships, accommodation and enrolment/deferral process.

Please find below key resources developed by the Careers Department

  • University application process: FAQs – click here
  • Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre key dates and application processes – click here
  • NSW/Canberra: University Admission Centre, key dates and application processes – click here

Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs)

Use the course search function on the state based TACs you are interested in.

Below are the websites:

Victoria –




Tasmania –

WA –

The Good Universities Guide

This Guide should be consulted when researching undergraduate degrees. It contains rankings and ratings for individual courses and universities,

List of Victorian Universities

Is University for me?

At university, you get to take control of your future. You get to choose from a huge amount of subjects that you have an interest in and are passionate about. What’s more, you have the ability to combine your studies with a good “work and life” balance, whilst some even travel extensively through this time.

Your Career

Completing a university degree can provide you with outstanding knowledge and skills to pursue your dream career. Statistics show that people who graduate from university are highly employable and more often-than-not earn more than those who have not attained a university degree. Generally, it takes three years to complete a bachelors degree – this not only shows your future employers that you are dedicated to learning, but also the commitment you dedicated to further studies and excellence.

Your Life

There is a lot more to university than just studying. At many universities, there are social and sporting clubs, restaurants, bars, and activities, where you are able to meet people from all over Victoria, Australia and even the world. You can even take your studies overseas – from Argentina to Mexico, France to Japan, the United States to China – the possibilities are endless. At university, you develop life long skills that you will use at work, home and play.

Keeping up with the workload can be challenging – as a young adult, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with studies – you will not have your time managed for you and your lecturer and tutor will not chase you up if you forget to hand in an assignment.

Some people decide to complete their degree part time, whilst others will complete it as a full time student. Depending on the course, you might be able to fit all of your subjects into three days, using the remaining four days to study, work, or catch up with friends. You will still be busy – you need to attend lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials, whilst reading up on academic papers, notes and slides, all the while ensuring you are conducting your own research and completing assignments on time – that is all your responsibility.

Still unsure?


Take a look at the following resource – What’s Uni Like? – and sign up for a free account to explore whether university is the right option for you.

It’s made by the Australian Government and has heaps of videos and other resources to help you explore tertiary education in Australia.