Tips for making your VTAC application

Make it accurate

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete your application accurately, answer all relevant questions and provide the required information. If you provide incorrect information or omit information such as current and previous studies, you may jeopardise your chance of receiving offers, or any offers you receive may be withdrawn.

Gather everything you need before you start

Before you start your course application, make sure you have all of the details you will need close to hand for reference. In particular, make sure you have all the details about your educational history. You can’t save a draft of your course application while you are working on it, so if you have to stop in the middle to find some information you may have to start from scratch when you come back.

Listing course preferences

  • You must determine whether you meet prerequisites and must complete all relevant selection requirements for the courses you apply for. See Prerequisites and selection criteria.
  • You can submit a minimum of one and maximum of twelve general tertiary courses on your application. If you are applying for graduate-entry teaching, you can include a maximum of four graduate entry teaching courses, in addition to general tertiary courses (up to a maximum of twelve courses on your application).
  • You must list courses in order of preference (i.e. the course you want the most should be listed as your number one preference). If you change your mind, you can add, delete or re-order your courses any time before the closing date.
  • To add a course, you can either enter the course code (if you know it) or choose the institution and course from a list. You also have the option to view the course information and check that you are selecting the correct course.
  • Check your codes carefully: Some courses have more than one course code, so when adding courses make sure you include the correct code. The wrong code could result in you applying for the wrong course, the wrong campus or the wrong fee type, and missing out on the one you want.
  • Check the course fees: The final digit of the VTAC course code (1, 2, 3 or 4) shows you the type of course fees you will be required to pay if you get an offer. For information about the different fee-types, see Course codes and fee types.
  • Codes for full-time and part-time options: For many courses the same course code applies for both full-time and part-time study methods. For these courses, if you want to apply for full-time and part-time options, you must only list the course code once. However, some courses have separate codes for full-time and part-time options, so to apply for both full-time and part-time options, you must list the two different codes.
  • Codes for multiple qualifications: For most courses that list more than one qualification, the same course code applies to all qualifications. To apply for any one of the qualifications listed under this code, you only need to list the course code once. You will determine the qualification at the time of enrolment. Some courses have separate codes for each qualification. In these instances, you must list the specific code for each qualification you wish to apply for.
  • You can change your preferences later: You can change your preferences throughout the application and offer periods. For more information see Changing your course preferences.

Made a mistake?

If you have made a mistake or left something out, and you want to change your registration or application details, see Making changes to your course application.

Changed your contact details?

If you change your home address, email address and/or telephone number, you must update them in the ‘Personal details’ section of your VTAC user account as soon as possible to ensure you receive any important communication from VTAC.