Creating a VTAC Account

In order to make an application to university, you will need to create a VTAC account. The VTAC account is used to manage applications for courses, SEAS and scholarships, bookings for admission tests and workshops, changing your preferences and updating your personal information.

Setting up your VTAC account takes a few more steps than the average online account, but once you’re in you can use it to:

  • Apply for courses, SEAS and scholarships, and change your course preferences.
  • Submit documents required for your application.
  • Check your messages from VTAC.
  • Book a STAT sitting.
  • Submit a VTAC personal statement.
  • Manage your contact details and PIN.
  • View your ATAR and course offers when they come out.

As part of setting up your account you will be asked to choose a four-digit PIN and two security questions. VTAC will ask for your PIN to identify you if you make any enquiries over the phone, so make sure you keep it secure.

What you will need

To register for a VTAC account, you will need to provide:

  • Your full name, date of birth and contact details.
  • Any previous names you have used.
  • Your visa details (if you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen).
  • Your student number, if you are currently studying the VCE or VCAL.

Your student number:

VTAC uses the details you enter into your account, including your student number to indenting you in the list of current Year 12 students provided by the VCAA. If any of the details you enter don’t match those records, you will receive a message. If that happens, check that you have entered everything correctly. If there is a still a problem, check that you full name and date of birth have been recorded correctly at your school. If you still have problems, contact VTAC.

Create an account

Click here to create an account.


  • Don’t use your school email address as it will be closed down after the school year ends. Use a personal email address so you don’t miss out on important messages, like offers, in January and February.
  • Keep your log in details safe and don’t share you PIN with anyone. If you need someone else, such as a parent or guardian, to be a belt o make enquiries to VTAC on your behalf, you can add them as an authorised nominee at the application stage.