Group 1 – ACU and RMIT

Students have the opportunity to visit one or two universities in Melbourne to explore the campus and speak with representatives and students about study options and campus life. These tours provide an opportunity for students to better understand how they will get to university, what they can study, and what life is like as a university student.

What you need

  • Be sure to bring a MyKi to catch public transport.
  • A pen and note book for any information you wish to note down.
  • Snacks and/or lunch, or money to purchase food.

What will happen

Students on this tour will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit the ACU Melbourne Campus
  • Discover course options for study at ACU
  • Speak with ACU representatives about courses
  • Visit the RMIT City Campus
  • Discover course options for study at RMIT
  • Speak with RMIT representatives about courses
  • Engage in the RMIT City Challenge

Timings of the day

  • Meet your teachers at 9:45am inside Reception of ACU on 115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.
  • Begin Campus Presentation and Campus Tour at 10:00am.
  • Conclude ACU Campus Tour at 11:00am.
  • Catch the tram or walk to RMIT University meeting behind Building 80 on Stewart St, Melbourne.
  • Begin RMIT Campus Tour and Presentation at 12:00pm.
  • Students are dismissed from RMIT University (RMIT City Campus, 124 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000) at 1pm.

Where to meet

You’ll need to meet your supervising teachers (Ms Katherine Anastasi, Ms Denise Bowring, Ms Cathy Bushell) ACU Reception located at 115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.

Where you’ll be dismissed

Students will be dismissed from RMIT University at the conclusion of the Campus Tour/City Challenge at 1:00pm.

Students will be responsible for making their way back home.