As our Year 10 STEM program continues to grow each year at MSJ, we are hearing more of our students have a passion for Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering.It is important that we continue to empower our girls to feel that they can access this fantastic growth industry as successfully as their male counterparts.

Five ways volunteering can kickstart your engineering career
Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make the world a better place. It can also impress engineering employers – even before you have a degree. Nadine Cranenburgh from Careers With STEM chats to hiring managers and takes a look at which interpersonal skills to get clued up on,

What type of engineering are you best suited to? 

RMIT University has developed an online game to assist prospective students in choosing the right type of engineering for them (i.e., Civil, Mechanical, Environmental),

Read career magazines online

Careers With STEM releases an annual engineering careers magazine. You can read the magazines online, or order hard copies. There are also career magazines focussed on science, maths, data science, cyber security, health etc.,

Want to study a flexible engineering degree? 

If you are unsure what engineering specialisation you would like to study at university, you may consider applying for an Engineering degree that has a ‘flexible first year’. Students complete a year of foundation engineering units then choose their specialisation at the end of first year to start in the second year of the course. 


The following are examples of three universities that offer a flexible first year degree: