Applying for Courses

1. Create a VTAC account

Before you can apply for courses, you must create a VTAC account. See Creating a VTAC account.

2. Log in

To access the course application you must log in to your VTAC account using your VTAC ID and PIN. You can log in here.

3. Open the course application

To open the application, select ‘Course application’ in your VTAC account. All course applications through VTAC are submitted online.

4. Enter your educational history – secondary studies

The first section asks for details of your secondary studies. You will be asked to list the years and locations of your Year 12 studies and provide your student number/s if you have them. You must list all current and previous secondary studies undertaken in Australia and overseas including all units of Year 12 studies undertaken in previous years. The application will tell you if VTAC is able to retrieve your Year 12 results automatically, or if you will need to supply evidence. For information about when evidence of your previous study is required, see Evidence of results and other documentation.

5. Enter your educational history – post-secondary studies

The next section will ask you about your post-secondary studies, including what you studied, where and when, and whether you have completed the study, it is in progress or you did not complete. You will also be asked to enter your student number/s if possible. You must list all current and previous tertiary studies undertaken in Australia and overseas including tertiary study this year if you did not officially withdraw by the census date. For information about when evidence of your previous study is required, see Evidence of results and other documentation.

6. Enter details of any admissions tests you have taken

You will be asked if you have sat the STAT or the ALSET in recent years and if so, when. You will also be asked if you have sat the UMAT or ISAT and if so, to provide your examination number. For more information see Admissions tests.

7. Confirm your educational history details

You will be asked to review your educational history and confirm that the details are correct.

8. List your course preferences

You can enter up to eight course preferences using the institution and course drop down menus or by entering the course codes. You can also move your preferences up and down the list or remove them if you are no longer interested or made a mistake. Course preferences should be listed in the order you would most like to study, with your highest preference at the top. Don’t worry if you are not sure at this stage – you can change your preferences after you have submitted your application at no additional charge and as many times as you like. For more information see Changing your course preferences.

9. Set your information release permissions

You will be asked if you give permission for VTAC to publish any first and second round offers you receive in metropolitan and regional newspapers. You will also be asked if you want to participate in the supplementary offer round process. For more information see Offers, enrolment and deferment.

Additionally, you will be asked if you want your details to passed on to the Victorian Electoral Commission so that they can contact you if you are not on the electoral roll.

10. Authorise a nominee (optional)

You will be asked when you register, whether or not you wish to authorise a nominee to manage the administration of your account, in your absence. For further information about the role of the nominee see Authorised nominee: definition, rights and responsibilities.

You are not in any way obligated to add a nominee to your application and are entitled to keep it private if you wish. If you have any concerns about your privacy or rights, contact

11. Respond to statistical questions

The application will ask you to provide statistical information which is collected on behalf of institutions and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

Some of the questions about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity and your parents’ or guardians’ educational history will be used if you submit a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application. To apply for special consideration due to educational disadvantage, you will need to submit a SEAS application.

Other questions associated with a disability, impairment or medical condition will assist institutions ensuring that their facilities meet your needs. Your responses will remain anonymous to selection officers and none of this information is used as part of the selection process for courses to which you have applied, unless you give permission by applying for SEAS Category 1.

12. Review your application details, submit and pay your application fee

You will be asked to review your course preferences, authorised nominee details and statistical information and confirm that the details are correct. You may then submit your application. A record of your original course application will be available to view in the ‘Course application’ section of your VTAC user account and also sent to your email address.

You will also have the opportunity to pay your course application processing fee. You do not have to pay the fee straight away, but if you do not pay by the deadline (see Dates and fees) your application will not be considered.