Interested in studying and working in Engineering, Science and Maths in the future?

You can download the following Careers with STEM magazines from this website –

  • Careers with STEM: Engineering
  • Careers with STEM: Maths
  • Careers with STEM: Science
  • Careers with STEM: Economics
  • Careers with STEM: Health
  • Careers with Code

The latest issue of Careers with STEM celebrates diversity in science – whether it’s highlighting the need for inclusiveness or non-traditional career pathways.

We feature 35 men and women in science careers helping us do everything from solve crimes to fight climate change, and to be more sustainable, safe and efficient in both farming and resource extraction.

Discover where the STEM jobs are around Australia in our infographic and aspiring scientists can find their dream job in our fun personality quiz.

You can download the new Careers With STEM: Science and Careers With STEM: Digital Retail at this link –

Interesting articles from Careers With STEM

Virtual reality is revolutionising remote mental health care: Using VR for remote therapy involves conducting “face-to-face” sessions in a virtual environment. This mode of treatment could make counselling more accessible to those living and working remotely,

Civil engineering – everything you need to know: looking for career inspo now holidays are over? Civil engineering isn’t all hard hats and high-rises. Here’s what to expect from a successful STEM career in construction,

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