Monash University Updates

The Bachelor of Arts has been revamped!

From 2020, La Trobe University will be offering a revamped Bachelor of Arts. Key highlights include:

Over 50 majors and minors to choose from – the largest choice of any Victorian university.

Majors will be offered from other disciplines such as business and science so you can create a degree that suits your passions. Examples of major combinations are listed below:

  • Environmental humanities and environmental geoscience
  • International studies and international business
  • Chinese studies and management
  • Visual cultures and marketing
  • Sociology and public health
  • Crime, justice and legal studies and psychology
  • Sustainability and development and economics
  • Politics and statistics

There will be specially designed international travel subjects such as:

  • Planning Issues in the Philippines
  • Product Co-Design Workshop in Sarajevo in Bosnia
  • Ottoman History in and around Istanbul in Turkey
  • Southern Culture in the Mississippi Valley in the USA
  • Renaissance Italy taught in Tuscany
  • Sicily Through the Ages

For information and to explore the amazing majors on offer, go to

New international sustainability experience: from next year, students studying selected degrees from the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences and Communications, and Business and Commerce will be able to apply for a 2-week funded international experience to China or Vietnam. 

You will spend a week working on sustainability projects, helping to find solutions to real-world problems. La Trobe will cover the cost of airfares (with an open-ended return date), accommodation, food, transport, visa fees and insurance.

For information, go to

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