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How cybersafe are you?

Are you cyber sorry or cyber smart? Take our cyber safety quiz to find out

Cyber crime – hacks and online fraud – cost Australia about $1 billion last year. In May 2019, one company, property valuation group LandMark White, lost $7 million as the result of a data breach from a cyber attack.

But cyber safety is about more than money. Being the victim of an online scam can be devastating. In June 2019, a Melbourne woman was jailed for two years for pretending to be Australian soap star Lincoln Lewis, faking his identity online and then stalking people through social media. One of the victims of the scam (which is called catfishing) committed suicide.

Jump to our cyber safety quiz below to find out if you have the skills and knowledge to stay safe online, and if you have any concerns about cyber safety, check out trusted online sources such as the website Stay Smart Online, the Australian government organisation AustCyber and the Schools Cyber Security Challenges. You could also ask a teacher or trusted adult.

“Everything about the economy has a digital component. Whether we’re at home, work or school, or the local cafe, you need to be aware of the risks and benefits of being online,” says Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber.”Making sure you’re ready to defend yourself online and being aware of careers in cybersecurity is critical right now.”

Take the quiz here –

How to land a career in gaming

If you’re a gamer into maths and technology, carving out a pathway in programming is the dream, right? Here’s what to study, which companies to hit up, and what pay is like before you enter the industry,

Careers with STEM: Code 2019

Careers with STEM is here to remind you that careers in tech and computer science are for everyone! We can’t know exactly what the jobs of the future will look like, but we know digital technology will be a driving force. 

According to one report, more than half of Australian workers will need to be able to “use, configure or build digital systems” in the next 2-3 years. And digital skills are valuable not just in the tech sphere, but across almost every industry, from agriculture to mining and tourism.

You can read the e-mag for free, as well as a Careers with STEM: Cybersecurity mag at

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