Undergraduate Teaching in Victoria

Year 12 students planning to apply for undergraduate teaching degrees via VTAC will need to be aware of the selection criteria for courses. This may include:

  • Subject prerequisites and minimum study scores
  • CASPer Test results
  • Minimum ATAR

NB: If you are applying to Australian Catholic University (ACU), you can elect to complete the ‘ACU Teacher Selector Statement’ or the CASPer Test. 

You can also elect to apply directly to ACU and complete the ‘ACU Teacher Selector Statement’ rather than apply through VTAC, https://bit.ly/2lmpH2a

Subject prerequisites

  • Each course will have a minimum English study score and most will have a mathematics requirement. 

CASPer Test

  • You will need to register for and complete the CASPer Test by 17 November to be eligible for December Round offers – https://takecasper.com/
  • The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) has developed a fact sheet that can be accessed at this link – https://bit.ly/2lVrqfd

Minimum ATAR requirement

  • Applicants will need to achieve a minimum ATAR of 70. Some universities may have a higher ATAR requirement.
  • With academic and/or equity bonus points, applicants may be able to access courses below this ATAR. 

Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

  • Students will need to register for and pass the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students during their teaching degree, https://bit.ly/2wzDXYg

Back up courses – Victoria

Concerned you may not receive the ATAR to get straight into your desired undergraduate teaching courses or don’t have the subject prerequisites? 

Each university has pathway courses into their initial teacher education degrees. For most pathway courses, you can add them into your VTAC preferences. The following are examples:


Monash University

Victoria University

La Trobe University

Australian Catholic University

Federation University

Charles Sturt University

Contact the universities you would like to apply to for pathways advice. 

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