Interesting Career Articles

Career articles from Careers With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

  • Australia’s top 10 STEM employers for graduates– as ranked by graduates themselves. See the list here –
  • Biosecurity crusader:Emma went from ecology student to Project Officer at Biosecurity Queensland. Find out how she helps preserve plant biosecurity and her work on other important policy initiatives,
  • Edu-tech guru:evolutionary biologist Michael Kasumovic juggles research and teaching at UNSW with heading his start-up Arludo: an app which uses augmented reality to immerse students in the world of evolution,
  • Chemist to consultant:Emma Gin switched from organic chemistry researcher to technology consultant and hasn’t looked back,
  • 7 paths to computer science careers: from horse paddocks to high-rise apartments, there are many ways to plug into coding,
  • Be a front runner in your favourite sports with sports science jobs:athletes and sports teams know it’s good to have maths and computer science in their corner,

The article was written by Nathan Chanesman, My Career Match,

Where are all the STEM jobs… it’s not where you think:

The (manufacturing) industry continues to employ a significant number of Australians with jobs created in new technology, environment, food and health, composite materials and defence, all requiring STEM skills. 

Today 885,000 work in manufacturing making it the 6th largest employer in the country. Australia’s advanced manufacturers are transformative companies. They are securing their own futures, creating jobs, and helping to underpin a sustainable Australian economy. See

Here are just a few Australian businesses who represent amazing creativity, innovation and engineering in Australia’s manufacturing industry. These and many others like them will provide employment opportunities for STEM graduates.

  • Tradiebot Industries: Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to Train Automotive Workforce,
  • Carbon Revolution: Geelong based manufacturer supplies carbon wheel rims to Ferrari,
  • Quickstep: is at the forefront of advanced composites manufacturing and technology development for the global market,
  • One Atmosphere: builds post-crash buoyancy system offering safety and survivability for military and civilian helicopters operating over water,
  • BlueZone Group: supplies quality subsea equipment and services to the Oceanographic, Defence, Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors,

Codan Limited: is an Adelaide based manufacturer and supplier of communications, metal detection, and mining technology,

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