Considering a Science Degree?

The Bachelor of Science is an excellent choice of degree for students and one of the most popular choices in the country. The following are three Bachelor of Science programs to consider.

Swinburne University, Bachelor of Science (Professional):

This course offers 6 majors, and 9 minors. Students are guaranteed one-year of paid industry experience as part of the degree, extending the time it takes to complete the course by one-year. Applicants will need to achieve an ATAR of approximately 80 to be considered for admission, and this could rise for the 2020 intake,

Deakin University, Bachelor of Science (Global Science and Technology Program):

The Bachelor of Science offers a choice of 13 majors. Student who achieve an ATAR of 80+ are eligible to apply for the Global Science and Technology Program. This program enables students to experience science outside of the classroom by undertaking global study options,

Monash University, Bachelor of Science:

This course offers a choice of 27 extended majors, majors and minors. Students can build their graduate employability skills through the following options:

  • Science Schools Project– students are placed in teams in a school environment where they teach science to school students. This immersive experience develops highly transferable skills including communication, project and time management and team-work. 
  • Science Industry Placement Unit– this credit unit enables students to undertake a science-based industry placement of at least 80hrs. Students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed in their course.
  • Career Skills for Scientists– this unit uses work-related activities to enhance transferable skills including commercial awareness, leadership, teamwork and communication. Through scenarios and creative problem-solving activities, students learn about the business environment. 

Course information,

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