Focus on: Bachelor of Arts

Are you considering studying a Bachelor of Arts in the future?

The Bachelor of Arts is an excellent choice of degree for students and one of the most popular choices in the country. The degree offers flexibility for students and majors/minors can cover areas such as science, economics, visual arts, IT, languages, humanities, media, communications, design, and more!

The following are two excellent Bachelor of Arts programs to consider:

Bachelor of Arts (Professional) – Swinburne

This course offers 18 major areas of study, 28 co-majors from other faculties, and even 42 minors! Students are guaranteed one-year of paid industry placement (not all universities guarantee this!) as part of their degree, and it will take 4 years fulltime to complete the course. Applicants would need to achieve an ATAR ranking of approximately 80.00 to be considered, but remember this can certainly rise for the 2020 intake!

Visit the Swinburne University of Technology website for more information

Bachelor of Arts – Monash University

The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is a ground-breaking new initiative – a guaranteed two-week overseas study experience for all first year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies students. The cost of airfares, accommodation and local travel are covered as part of the program!

What is it?
Students will study the impact of the global movement of people and goods on environmental sustainability. Students work with partner organisations in areas like food and water security, conservation, urbanisation, and eco-tourism. Students also investigate the impact of regional economic sectors on the local environment, global supply chains and environmental sustainability. They also visit historical and cultural sites within the destination county. Students can travel to Italy, Malaysia or Indonesia.

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