Reminder: Very late applications closing; change of address and payment for ATAR statements

Important Notice from VTAC

Very late course applications (i.e. the final chance for domestic students to be considered for January offer round 1 domestic) close this Friday 7 December at 5pm.

The change of address and payment deadline for ATAR statements is also approaching, closing at 5pm Monday 10 December. All VCE and Victorian IB students who have submitted a VTAC course application and paid the course application fee by this deadline will receive a printed ATAR or notional ATAR statement sent automatically to the mailing address on their VTAC application.

If students do not wish to receive a printed ATAR statement, they can log in to their VTAC account and use the ‘Opt out of hardcopy ATAR’ link to indicate this. The opt out must be completed by the deadline above.

Students who have not applied for courses through VTAC but wish to purchase a printed ATAR statement can complete the ‘Request for VTAC documentation‘ form after results are released.

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