Update: Free TAFE

From 1 January 2019, eligible students will not pay course tuition fees in 30 priority non-apprenticeship courses, across the TAFE Network in Victoria. A further 20 government-subsidised apprenticeship pathway courses (sometimes called pre-apprenticeships) will also be free.


Any Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen is eligible to do Free TAFE for Priority Courses in Victoria if they meet the following criteria:

  • Under 20 or upskilling
    • aged under 20 (regardless of any other qualifications they might hold), or
    • are 20 or older and enrolling in a course that is a higher qualification than the highest qualification previously attained.
  • Victorians who need additional support. Victorians who are:
    • unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network
    • retrenched workers, or
    • automotive supply chain workers Looking to change careers
  • Victorians who want to reskill, change careers, improve their employment prospects and/or meet the needs of local industries, subject to availability of TAFE places, and prioritised based on need.

For further information about Free TAFE visit www.freetafe.vic.gov.au.

Free TAFE courses listed on VTAC

Free TAFE priority courses listed with VTAC are in the table below. The links lead to each course’s entry in CourseSearch. Some of these courses are applied for with a VTAC application and have a course code ending in 4. Other courses are labelled ‘direct’, which means you apply directly to the institution.

Institution name Course name
Box Hill Institute Diploma of Nursing 
Diploma of Accounting 
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 
Certificate IV in Cyber Security 
Diploma of Community Services
 Chisholm Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
Diploma of Accounting
Certificate III in Community Services
Diploma of Community Services
Certificate IV in Cyber Security
Diploma of of Nursing
Diploma of Justice
Federation University Automotive Servicing Technology (Pre-apprenticeship)
Automotive Vocational Preparation (Pre-apprenticeship)
Building and Construction
Community Services
Construction Pathways (Pre-apprenticeship)
Engineering Stuides (VET)
Individual Support
Nursing (VET)
Holmesglen Institute Certificate IV in Accounting 
Diploma of Accounting
Advance Diploma of Accounting 
Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
Diploma of Nursing 
Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance Nutrition and Dietetics
Melbourne Polytechnic Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying
Certificate IV in Accounting
Certificate III in Hospitality
Certificate III Commercial Cookery
Certificate IV in Cyber Secruity
RMIT University Building and Construction (Building) (Certificate IV)
Building and Construction (Diploma)
Allied Health Assistance (Certificate IV)
Nursing (Diploma)
Education Support (Certificate IV)
Accounting (Diploma) (Advanced Diploma) 
Alcohol and Other Drugs (Certificate IV)
Community Services (Certificate IV)
Youth Work (Certificate IV)
Swinburne University Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping 
Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
Certificate IV in Community Services
Certificate IV in Disability
Certificate IV in Mental Health
Certificate IV in Youth Work
Certificate IV in Education Support
Diploma of Community Services
Diploma of Accounting
Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
Diploma of Justice
Diploma of Nursing
Victoria University Accounting (Cert IV)
Accounting (Diploma)
William Angliss Institute Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
Certificate III in Tourism
Certificate III in Hospitality

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