Vocational & Higher Education News

Careers in the Victorian Police Force: Explore Careers interviewed Lauren from the Critical Incident Response Team at Victoria Police. In the video, Lauren talks about her career and what she does on a day-to-day basis in her role. You can watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2xvozOQ You can explore other careers in the Force and learn about the recruitment process at this link – http://bit.ly/1LfnfeQ

Six reasons why engineering is the best degree you can choose: Why engineers rule, http://bit.ly/2fZuNLW

Careers in Engineering: read an amazing careers guide online about engineering or order a copy, http://bit.ly/2zciXGx

Passionate about IT? Have you considered studying virtual reality? The following is taken from Deakin University: “Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive digital environment that replicates life-like physical environments or portrays a fictional world to make the user feel like they’re immersed in that environment in real life.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) is already being integrated into the healthcare, tourism, advertising, entertainment, automotive, gaming and education industries. Whether it be developing virtual prototypes, providing virtual training scenarios for health care providers or developing new games for the entertainment industry, Virtual and Augmented Reality are likely to continue transforming the way we live over the next decade.

Deakin Universty, in partnership with California-based Virtual Reality company EON Reality, offer students the opportunity to study a major sequence in Virtual and Augmented Reality as part of the Bachelor of Information Technology. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake an elective industry placement with EON Reality and work directly with VR and AR professionals on industry projects. For information about the major, go to http://bit.ly/2dSowCN

Train to become a flight attendant: The following are examples of two institutions that offer flight attendant training in the Melbourne area:

  • Aviation Australia: training runs in blocks with numerous starting dates throughout the year. You can explore start dates, location and fees at this link – http://bit.ly/2fYgoj0
  • William Angliss offers the Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew). To find out about the course, go to http://bit.ly/1U6C1uv

Have you considered Orthoptics? These allied health professionals play a crucial role in the early detection and treatment of eye diseases in children and adults. They can specialise in areas such as the following:

  • Children’s vision/paediatrics
  • Eye movement disorders
  • Low vision care/rehabilitation
  • Cataract care and retinal disorders
  • Neurological vision disorders
  • Laser eye surgery and corneal conditions
  • Driver vision and sports vision

There are about 500 Orthoptists in Australia and their population is ageing, which means there will be plenty of jobs in the future both in Australia and overseas. You can study to become an Orthoptist at La Trobe University, Melbourne – http://bit.ly/1PeR4Na and the University of Technology Sydney, http://bit.ly/2d8dntl

For key information about this occupation, visit the Orthoptics Australia website, www.orthoptics.org.au/

Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy at William Angliss Institute: This course is unique to Australia and will explore the challenging problems facing contemporary food systems and cultures. The program will focus on the areas of food production, distribution and consumption, policy, food security and sovereignty and community health and wellbeing, http://bit.ly/2dmbXP0

Where can a social work degree take you? One area you can work in is rehabilitation of people who have committed crimes. Rather than seeking to punish criminals, Dr Sophie Goldingay believes play could be key to rehabilitating them. Working in Deakin’s School of Health and Social Development, Dr Goldingay helped develop an innovative ‘play therapy’ program to reshape mindsets. Discover her creative approach to rehabilitation, http://bit.ly/2cM6fGM

The following are examples of six universities you can study social work at:

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