Vocational & Trades Information

Looking for resources to help you get into a trade or traineeship?

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways: You will be able to undertake apprenticeship aptitude tests, find local apprenticeship and group training centres, and learn about different trade occupations, www.aapathways.com.au/

Defence Jobs: trades in the Defence Force, www.defencejobs.gov.au/

Automotive Technical and Parts Apprenticeships: Vantage Automotive Pty Ltd invite students from all over Australia to apply for their Modern Apprenticeship Program. Successful students will undertake their apprenticeship at a dealer of their choice and be flown to Melbourne or Sydney for block training. To find out about the application process, the program, and to view a list of dealers, go to www.vantageautomotive.com

Do you need a White Card? If you would like to undertake work experience or work in the construction industry, you will need to complete occupational health and safety induction training. To prepare for this, you can undertake the ‘White Card Game’. Through an online first person perspective, the goal of the game is to identify, control and report workplace hazards on a construction site without getting injured or causing the death of workmates. Go to www.whitecardgame.com.au/

My Skills: You can search for and explore vocational courses across Australia, learn about in demand jobs and watch videos of young people who have completed vocational training, http://bit.ly/1D8uek7

SkillsOne: you can watch videos about different trades, www.skillsone.com.au/

Construct My Career: careers in construction such as carpentry, surveying, security, and property services, http://bit.ly/2fMwyLl

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