Understanding Selection Data in VTAC

From 2018 the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre provides information on how institutions selected students into courses. This data includes information about how an ATAR may be adjusted by Subject Bonuses and Special Consideration (SEAS). This is also known as the ATAR Profile.

Which data is used for an ATAR profile?

Each course that considers the ATAR in selection has its own ATAR profile. The data is based upon the ATARs of successful applicants who graduated from Year 12 in 2017, 2016, or 2015, who:

  • had not previously commenced a university or VET course (except as part of their secondary schooling), and
  • were offered a place wholly or partly based on their ATAR.

The ATAR profile does not include any applicants who applied for entry programs for which the ATAR was not a consideration. The current ATAR profiles published pertain to applicants who selected from November 2017 until 16 January 2018.


Monash University – Bachelor of Science

Below is an example from Monash University – Bachelor of Science program.

Selection Data 2018 - Monash


The above information shows the VTAC Course Code, as well as the Clearly-in ATAR, that is, the lowest ATAR that was accepted into the course. This table also explains that 51.49% of applicants actually had an ATAR lower than 85.00. Lastly, 828 applicants received an offer in the Bachelor of Science, where 637 were secondary school graduates.

ATAR Profile - Monash

The table above shows the ATAR Profile. This is split into two sections:

  • ATAR without adjustments, and
  • ATAR with adjustments, otherwise known as the Selection Rank.

Adjustments can be a range of things – Subject Bonuses, Special Entry Access Scheme Categories and any other adjustment made by the institution.

In the example above, the highest ATAR with no adjustments that received an offer was 99.80, whilst the lowest was actually 75.00. For the applicant that had an ATAR of 75.00, they would have received adjustments to their ATAR for this course only that would have increased their ATAR for this course only to 85.00. It is possible that this applicant applied for Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) and may have had subject bonuses.

This example highlights the importance of applying for SEAS when you are making your application on VTAC.

If you need more information on this, please be sure to read The ATAR Profile Explained by VTAC.



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