Vocational & Higher Education News

Have you considered teaching mathematics at secondary school? Mathematics has been identified as a key teaching area in high demand, offering strong employment opportunities and career prospects for graduates. Two ways you can become a mathematics teacher is as follows:

  1. Complete an undergraduate teaching or a combined teaching degree with a maths discipline major. This pathway generally takes 4 years to complete. The following are three examples of undergraduate courses you can study in Victoria:
  • Australian Catholic University: Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics), Melbourne, https://bit.ly/2jSFdPj
  • Federation University: Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences/Bachelor of Education, Ballarat, http://bit.ly/2rhsacP
  • Deakin University: Bachelor of Teaching (Science)/Bachelor of Science, Melbourne campus, http://bit.ly/2qI3DRc
  1. Complete a Bachelor degree with a major in mathematics and an approved Master of Secondary Teaching. This pathway generally takes 4 – 5 years to complete. The following are three examples of courses in Victoria:
  • RMIT: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), http://bit.ly/2qiUqNC > approved Master of Secondary Teaching
  • University of Melbourne: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics major), http://bit.ly/1PLXJyP > approved Master of Secondary Teaching
  • La Trobe University: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics major), Melbourne campus, http://bit.ly/1TzcVWZ > approved Master of Secondary Teaching.

To search for all courses, use the Good Universities Guide course search function at http://bit.ly/2klbTQa

Law Admission Test (LAT) now open for UNSW: If you are in Year 12 and considering studying a law program at UNSW you will need to sit the LAT. You will first need to register for the LAT by Friday 10 August via the ACER website then sit the test on Tuesday 25 September. For information on the process and law courses at UNSW, go to http://bit.ly/2qmr2V9

Robertson Scholars Leadership Program: Each year, talented Australian students are selected to complete an undergraduate degree at either Duke University or the University of Northern Carolina, both in the USA. The program seeks to assist students who have demonstrated passion and potential to become great leaders in college and beyond. The scholarship is worth $200 000 and is organised through UNSW. For more information and to apply by Friday 1 December, go to http://bit.ly/2qjpc95

An experts guide to making it in the music industry: Taking care of touring logistics the likes of Coldplay, Adele and Beyonce, Katy Richards shares her advice for making a sustainable and passionate career in the music industry, https://bit.ly/2KZaPip

Passionate about maths and would like a career in the Defence Force? Mingmei Teo is a maritime capability analyst with Defence Science and Technology in Sydney. Read about her career journey at this link – https://bit.ly/2KXZzCU

‘Explore Careers’ podcasts: Explore Careers have just released three podcasts you may be interested in:

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