ANU Tuckwell Scholarship

The Tuckwell Scholarship is unique in that it allows you to study a single or double degree program including honours and vertical degrees (degrees that combine undergraduate and graduate study) in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years. As part of the program, scholars receive a wide range of academic and emotional support from the Fellow, their peers and the staff of the program. This gives scholars a well-being focused program support structure during their time at university, and helps to produce cohorts of well-rounded, experienced and inspired graduates.

Meet some of the scholars

2014 Tuckwell Scholar Samantha Terry talks about her time as a Tuckwell scholar at the ANU.

2014 Tuckwell Scholar Lucy Kirk talks about some surprises she found in moving to university.

Financial Support

  • $21,700 per year (2017 rate – increasing with inflation) each year for the length of your undergraduate degree program (studying full-time), to cover on-campus residential costs, books and general living expenses.
  • Priority access guaranteed to ANU-approved student accommodation.
  • An allowance of up to $2,000 to assist with your move to Canberra and to support two annual return journeys (e.g. airfares) between your home and the university for each year of your degree. The alliance will be dependant on the proximity of your family home to ANU.
  • An allowance to hep cover the transport costs for your parents to attend Commencement Weekend at the start of the program, and
  • An ANU Sports Centre membership for the length of your degree.

Mentoring and Support

Tuckwell Scholars receive mentoring and support from the Head of Scholars House and four Tuckwell Fellows:

Each Scholar is allocated to a Fellow on their arrival at ANU, and a mentoring relationship is fostered through 1:1 and group meetings.  The focus of support given by Fellows is on helping Scholars create opportunities, build networks and achieve personal and professional goals.

Peer mentoring groups

Each year, small groups of third year scholars are matched with incoming Scholars to form peer mentoring groups. The aim of this mentoring relationship is to help first year Scholars transition to life at ANU.

Scholars are given training in their second year to prepare for this mentoring role.

Early Career Academic Fellows

Mentoring of the Scholars by the Tuckwell Fellows is complemented in their second year with the opportunity to receive mentoring by University House Early Career Academic Fellows (ECAFs). While normally drawn from the University House ECAF program, ECAF mentors for Scholars have been supplemented by other academic staff where there were gaps in ECAF disciplinary coverage, where Scholars made a specific request, or where academics expressed a particular interest in assuming a mentoring role for Scholars.

It is up to individual Scholars if they wish to connect with an ECAF Mentor as they progress through their studies.

Leadership Opportunities

It is expected that Tuckwell Scholars will continue to give back to their community, particularly through providing assistance to other Tuckwell Scholars and at Tuckwell events. A tradition has emerged whereby our first year cohort volunteer at the Tuckwell application interview weekend, helping candidates enjoy the downtime between interviews and making sure they are in the right place at the right time. Scholars in their second year are provided with training to assist them become mentors for the incoming cohort in their third year.

In addition to opportunities within the Tuckwell Scholarship Program itself, Scholars have plenty of opportunities to take on leadership roles in their residential community and across campus through organisations such as the ANU Student Association and the Woroni student newspaper.

Tuckwell Scholars will be given first preference to undertake ANU Vice-Chancellor’s leadership courses, which will count towards the completion of their degree. There are currently three Vice-Chancellor’s course available under this arrangement:

And much more…

The application is lengthy, so please be sure to make yourself familiar with this process by clicking here.

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