Getting Your Offer

VTAC has published important dates for you to be aware of in the lead up to the first round of offers. Please be sure to take note of these dates and seek information from your preferred institution for clarification on offers.

Round 1 offers for graduate-entry teaching courses 10 January 2018
Round 1 offers for all other courses 16 January 2018
Round 2 offers for graduate-entry teaching courses 19 January 2018
Round 2 offers for all other courses 2 February 2018
Supplementary offers February 2018
Mid-year 2018 – offer rounds Late June 2018

How the offer system works

After the course selection authorities have considered your application, they will advise VTAC whether they wish to offer you a place in the course. Then VTAC advises you via your VTAC user account of the highest offer on your preference list. In subsequent offer rounds, you will be considered for course preferences higher than the offers you have received. VTAC will again advise you of the highest offer made (if any).

All offers are provisional

Any offer you receive is subject to you:

  • meeting eligibility requirements,
  • having provided full and correct information on your VTAC application, and
  • attending enrolment at the date and time specified in your offer message.

Otherwise, your offer may lapse or be withdrawn.

Rounds 1 and 2 and subsequent offer rounds

All courses are required to participate in Round 1 offers. All other offer rounds are optional and will depend on the number of places available and other factors.

If you applied for courses through VTAC you will receive notification in your VTAC user account advising whether you have received an offer.

Don’t panic if you haven’t received the offer you were hoping for. You may still be eligible for future offers. You can also change your preferences if you wish.

If you received an offer, you will still be automatically considered for higher preferences in later offer rounds.

If you didn’t receive an offer you will still be considered for course preferences in future rounds.

If you have changed your mind and want to change your preferences, add new courses to your preference list or be considered for a course listed lower than an offer already received, you can change your preferences throughout January and February.

Note: Offers for graduate-entry teaching courses are released slightly earlier than for other course types.

Round 1 offers for international applicants are released slightly earlier than for other applicant groups.

No guarantees in future rounds

Even if you are eligible, there are no guarantees that you’ll receive an offer in subsequent rounds. Course authorities can only make offers in future rounds if there are places available. Some courses may fill their quotas in Round 1.

Your chances of receiving an offer in the next round will vary for each course. However, in general, over 80% of offers are made in Round 1.

To find out which courses will be offering places across future rounds, refer to your VTAC account.

For further information on the offer process, please be sure to visit the VTAC website by clicking here.

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