New Courses at Deakin

Genomics Major

From 2018, students will be able to study a major in genomics in the Bachelor of Science. Genomics is the study of the genetic code of plants, animals and bacteria. This major provides an introduction to the nature of genes and genomes, how they are structured, function and evolve. Students will also learn about DNA sequencing and analysis and how an understanding of genomics relates to human health and wellbeing, the environment, biodiversity management and food production systems.

Medical Genomics Major

Students will be able to study this within the Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Students will examine core genomics areas, including medical and human genomics, comparative genomics, microbial and forensic genomics, biotechnology and phylogenomics. Students will also gain a solid understanding of associated methodologies, including Next Generation Sequencing, high throughput genotyping, metagenomics, small RNA and transcriptome analysis.

Bachelor of Design (Digital Technologies)

This new course combines software design, immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experience design, mobile app design, web design and creative arts design skills to support employment outcomes that differ from those of traditional IT or creative arts degrees.

Food and Agribusiness Major

From 2018, students will be able to choose this major in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Warrnambool campus. Students can enrol in 2018 and specialise from 2019. There is a clear demand for tertiary-qualified graduates to fill a variety of business and management roles in food, fibre and agribusiness.

Bachelor of Information Technology

The Bachelor of Information Technology has been revamped to ensure students acquire a core set of information technology (IT) skills that are relevant in almost every industry, including programming, human computer interaction (HCI), user experience (UX) design, constructing IT solutions and entrepreneurial thinking. These changes will come into effect from 2018.

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