Careers in Science

Careers with STEM Magazines

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will underpin 75% of the fastest growing jobs in the future. Refraction media has developed the following magazines that students can order or download online: Careers with Science, Careers with Science & Health, Careers with Engineering, Careers with Maths, and Careers with Code. You can access the magazines at this link –

Science: Taking You Places

This is a fantastic booklet developed by the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education. Students can explore careers in primary industries such as agriculture, food security, agronomy etc.,

Science News

Be inspired by the latest stories featured on RiAUS – Australia’s Science Channel. Some of the topics covered this week include:

  • Discovery of new exoplanets and a new solar system
  • How the shape of your nose relates to the environment your ancestors lived in
  • Using sperm to deliver cancer drugs into gynaeocological cancer cells
  • Types and prevalence’s of diseases impacting our elderly

Access the stories at this link –

Australian Science TV

For more amazing science news and stories, access Australian Science TV at this link –

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