Courses in Allied Health

Exploring Health Courses

You can search the state based Tertiary Admission Centre websites for information about courses. Please be aware that this information in for the 2017 selection period and may rise or fall in the 2018 selection period. Please only use them as a guide. Courses and programs may also change for the 2018 intake.

To search for Victorian courses, use the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) course search function:

  • VTAC –
  • Click on Course Search and enter in key terms such as health, osteopathy, etc.

Key Health Career Websites

Allied Health Schools and Courses

Deakin University

You can undertake the Bachelor of Health Sciences with majors from the areas listed below. You can combine the degree with the Bachelor of Arts. The 2017 ATAR – 55.4 for Geelong and 60.5 for Melbourne are attainable for many. This is also offered at the Warrnambool Campus and online.

Environmental Health Health and Sustainability
Family Society and Health Disability and Inclusion
Physical Activity and Health Medical Biotechnology
Exercise Science Food Studies
Health Promotion Nutrition
Psychological Science Sports Coaching
Psychology for Professional Development

Or you can undertake one of the following specialist degrees. The 2017 ATAR scores are listed.

Exercise and Sport Science
(can combine with Sports Management)
60.70 – Geelong
71.85 – Melbourne
Public Health and Promotion (can combine with Commerce or Nursing) 68.30 – Geelong
74.00 – Melbourne
Occupational Therapy 76.05 – Geelong
Food and Nutrition Sciences
(can combine with Commerce)
Social Work 66.25 – Geelong
Vision Science/Optometry 98.75 – Geelong
Medical Imaging 70.05 – Geelong

Psychology is available but varies based on the course and campus.

Monash University

You can undertake one of the following 3 year courses then complete a corresponding Masters program (listed in brackets).

Radiation Sciences
(Medical Raditions)
Human Services
(Social Work)
98.25 (Scholars Program)
Physiotherapy (Honours)  a range of selection criteria
Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine + a range of selection criteria a range of selection criteria
Public Health Science 74.00
Occupational Therapy (Honours) 85.00
Biomedical Science Advanced (Honours) 96.4
99.05 (Scholars Program)
Biomedical Science
(can combine with Commerce, Engineering, Science or Law)
Psychology (Honours) 85.45
Nutritional Science 76.10
91.85 (Advanced Honours)
Medical Imaging and Radiography + a range of selection criteria  a range of selection criteria
Pharmaceutical Science 84.10
90.70 (Advanced Honours)

Click here to see the full list in PDF.

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