Melbourne Uni – Getting in

The University of Melbourne has become the first preference for many students wanting to continue their education at university. There are many degrees available in a convenient location just north of the CBD.

Of course, entry requirements into university differ from university to university, so this post is here to help you understand the basic requirements of entry into a University of Melbourne degree.

Information for all applicants

To be able to be considered for a Melbourne degree, you must fulfil all of the following requirements:

  • Have completed the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE),
  • Completed each of the prerequisite subjects for the course and any prerequisite tests, interviews or auditions,
  • Achieve the required marks in each of the prerequisite subjects
  • Achieve the minimum Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), or notional ATAR for the degree (with the exception of Access Melbourne applicants), and
  • Satisfy the University’s English language requirements.

Commonwealth Supported Places

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) are offered on the basis of academic merit. The 2017 Clearly-in Rank is the ATAR at or above which all applicants received a CSP in Round 1 of 2017.

Unless you are eligible for a special entry scheme you must achieve the minimum ATAR to be considered for entry to an undergraduate degree, but the Clearly-in Rank may be above the minimum ATAR, depending on the demand for the course and the number of places available. Only applicants eligible for a special entry scheme may be admitted to a CSP below the minimum ATAR.

Course 2017
Minimum ATAR
Clearly-in Rank
Agriculture 70.00 70.30
Arts 85.00 89.30
(Chancellor’s Scholars Program)
99.90 [1] 99.90
Arts (Extended) 50.00 [2]
Biomedicine 96.00 96.80
(Chancellor’s Scholars Program)
99.90 [1] 99.90
Commerce 93.00 95.00 [1]
Design 85.00 88.25
(Chancellor’s Scholars Program)
99.90 [1] N/A
Fine Arts [2] [2]
General Studies 50.00 50.80
Music [2] [2]
(Chancellor’s Scholars Program)
99.85 [1] [2]
Oral Health 85.00 88.20
Science 85.00 85.00
(Chancellor’s Scholars Program)
99.90 [1] 99.90
Science (Extended) 50.00 [2]
Urban Horticulture (Associate Degree) 54.00 N/A
  1. Applicants with this ATAR/notional ATAR will be guaranteed a place (applicants for the Bachelor of Music must meet the extra requirements). Applicants with an ATAR below this may be considered depending on demand, but entry is not guaranteed.
  2. Range of criteria used for selection. See Course Search for more information.

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